Janet offers classes at Mills College, Mendocino College and in San Francisco.

These classes provides a foundation in the Orff Schulwerk for classroom teachers, music and dance specialists, and anyone interested in re-discovering their own musicality and bringing music and dance into the lives of children

In addition, these classes integrate music and dance with language arts, science and math curriculum through model lessons and videos of children’s classes. This synthesis of arts and academics addresses different modalities and learning styles.

Upcoming classes at Mills College: Circle with the Seasons, a series of Saturday workshops connecting children with nature through music and movement.
An Orff workshop series with Orff Music and Movement Specialists
Janet Greene and Greacian Goeke

Putting into practice Carl Orff’s belief that elemental music is near the earth, these workshops focus on how we can nurture children’s connection to nature through music and movement in the classroom. We invite music specialists, classroom teachers, preschool staff, parents and grandparents to join us. Activities adaptable for PreK through 3rd Grade.

Create seasonal celebrations for early childhood with songs, poems, stories, creative movement and dances. Videos of children playing and composing with materials collected from their schoolyard will promote discussions of how we can teach both music and earth literacy.  Workshops include children’s words and drawings describing their own Special Places in nature.

September 29, 2012   Fall: Play and compose with nuts and leaves, pumpkins and gourds, learn a Harvest Dance, a turkey dance in Spanish, and celebrate Halloween with songs, stories, and dramatic play.

January 26, 2013       Winter: Celebrate the coming of the rains. Wind and storms inspire creative dance and lead us through a sequence for introducing instruments. Valentine’s Day partner activities will reinforce community and kindness in the classroom.

March 16, 2013 Spring: Investigate cycles of growth with the return of spring.  Learn songs and games about seeds, flowers and gardening to support Earth Day celebrations. Birds and their songs will inspire movement, attentive listening, simple graphic notation and introductory recorder play.

Tuition: $60/workshop early registration; $65 at the door; $150 for series, paid in advance; Mills College students $40/workshop

When: Saturdays,  9:30 am – 4:00 pm. Bring lunch, water, soprano recorder if you have one.  Wear comfortable clothes for movement. Fragrance free!

Where: Wetmore Lodge, Mills College, 5000 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland 94613
Campus Map: http://www.mills.edu/maps/campus_map.pdf

Information:      Janet Greene      granite@sonic.net  707/632-5526
Greacian Goeke ggoeke@mac.com  415/318/9987
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Send registration form and checks to: Greacian Goeke 3998 Whittle Avenue Oakland, CA  94602
Make checks payable to Greacian Goeke                We look forward to playing with you!

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Other class offerings:

San Francisco Orff Course contact Doug Goodkin  goodkindg@aol.com 415 564-1597

Mendocino College contact Conan McKay   cmckay@mendocino.edu

International Classes For Teachers: Janet recently offered courses in Thailand, Bhutan and South Africa

Janet also gives workshops and courses for schools and school districts.  Teachers experience multiple ways to integrate music and dance into their curriculum through rhymes, songs, creative movement, musical games and folk dance.